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Get the best sleep you’ve had in years with the SnoreCare Vents that are scientifically designed to open up your nasal passages to promote better breathing, aid in treating sleep apnea, and stop snoring all together.

Made from high quality, soft medical grade silicone, the Snorecare is comfortable to wear, light and is almost virtually invisible, you don’t have to be conscious about slipping them through your nose.

Consisting of two hallow cylinders that are joined together by a thin piece of silicone, these nose vents are molded from one piece of material which makes them less likely to break or fall apart.

Awarded as #1 Best Seller in Snore Reducing Aides and was “Amazons Choice” on snoring aid products.

Product Description

  • Get rid of your obnoxious snoring that keeps your partner up all night without sacrificing your own comfort. SnoreCare Vents give a warm, comfortable feeling so you don’t have to feel irritated while sleeping.
  • Made from soft and enhanced Medical Grade Silicon that’s BPA-free, the SnoreCare Vents are the most comfortable anti-snoring device you can find on the market.
  • SnoreCare Vents come in four different sizes and style options (with and without thread) to ensure good fit that adds to your comfort and product effectivity.
  • Awarded as #1 Best Seller in Snore Reducing Aides and was “Amazons Choice” on snoring aid products.



Comfortable Feeling

Comfortable Feeling

The nose vents are made squeezy-soft to wipe off the awkward feeling while working on your snoring and sleeping disorders.

Virtually Invisible

Virtually Invisible

The cones insert perfectly through your nose with only the thin connecting strip visible on the outside.

Cost-Effective Snoring Solution

Cost-Effective Snoring Solution

SnoreCare nose vents are easy to wash and reusable, enabling you to save money compared to disposable nasal strips. They keep the airways open, which stop snoring instantly.

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