Let me make it clear on how to Enjoy guitar With Headphones Best Alternatives

Let me make it clear on how to Enjoy guitar With Headphones Best Alternatives

To be able to play guitar with headphones is handy while you travel, or simply get a late-night practice session in whether you live in an apartment, want to play.

The good news is that we now have loads of great choices that enable you to play guitar silently with headphones while keeping a tone that is great.

In this quick guide, i’ll give an explanation for various ways you can easily play electric guitar through headphones and exactly how to determine which option fits you the most useful.

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Choice 1: Connect Your Headphones to Your Guitar Amp

Based on what kind of guitar amp you employ, you may manage to link any group of headphones straight into the amp.

The most you might need to spend to play guitar through your amp using headphones will be less than $10 if your guitar amp has a headphones out option.

Most guitar that is modern have a headphone out jack as shown below:

Some electric electric electric guitar amps have actually the headphones jack in the front panel, other people at the top, plus some in the straight back associated with the amp. Simply plug your headphones in to the headphones out jack and you also’re good to get.

A 6.3mm (1/4″) output (the same size jack as your guitar cable) while many modern amps provide 3.5mm headphone jacks (1/8″ standard headphone size), some use.

If for example the electric electric guitar amp features a headphone out jack that looks such as this:

You shall need certainly to make use of an adapter to get in touch your headphones to your guitar amp.

An easy 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio adapter like this 1 (backlink to Amazon) is all you’ll want to link your headphones to your electric electric electric guitar amp.

Note: when connecting headphones to your electric guitar amp, be sure you turn the master amount down before you begin playing. Then gradually bring the quantity level up to avoid blasting your ears.

Features of linking headphones to your guitar amp:

  • Cheap to purchase an adapter if the amp requires one
  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Make use of your very own rig in silence

Drawbacks of linking headphones to your electric guitar amp:

  • Only works when your amp features an output that is headphones
  • Maybe maybe maybe Not suited to travel


Not absolutely all electric guitar amps have headphones jack. Unless it really is superior that the production jack is perfect for headphones, usually do not plug any such thing involved with it.

As an example, numerous electric guitar amps have actually outputs that will just connect with electric electric guitar speakers. You blow your headphones, but you may seriously damage your guitar amp if you connect headphones to one of those outputs, not only will.

If you are in doubt, look for your amp model’s manual and ensure the production jack is made for headphones.

Option 2: link Your Guitar to a Smartphone (or computer or tablet)

This is certainly an option that is great guitarists who would like to play while traveling or want a straightforward solution to play guitar in silence.

The theory with this particular choice is in order to connect your electric guitar to a sound software like the iRig HD 2, which in turn connects up to a smartphone/tablet/PC/Mac. You may then link any headphones you need to your device and play electric guitar.

There are many different alternatives on how best to connect your guitar to your smartphone plus the most useful I’ve tried may be the iRig HD 2 by IK Multimedia.

One reason why i suggest the iRig HD 2 is really because it comes down because of the complete form of the guitar that is popular modeling software AmpliTube 4.

With AmpliTube 4 on your own smartphone/tablet/PC, it is possible to put up rigs that are different a mix of various amps and results. It is a way that is great discover various impacts and training guitar with various tones without plenty of real gear.

In the event that you curently have electric guitar pedals you utilize in the home, you are able to continue steadily to exercise with those pedals by linking your electric guitar to your pedals, then linking the pedals towards the iRig. Which means this is a wise decision in the event your electric electric guitar amp does not have a headphones output.

This program enables you to play guitar headphones that are using not as much as $100.

The big benefit of this technique is you should use it anywhere. Merely pack the iRig as well as your headphones into the electric electric electric guitar situation and you may exercise in silence anywhere you choose to go.

This process can be a way that is great begin with recording electric guitar. Through AmpliTube 4, it is possible to record what you perform right on your smartphone.

The iRig HD 2 may also be used being a sound screen to connect with your PC/Mac for appropriate tracks. What this means is you should use the iRig to get in touch your electric guitar to DAWs that is powerful and such as for instance BIAS FX or Line 6’s Helix Native.

There are lots of different sound interfaces you should use for connecting to some type of computer, therefore go through the guide that is above make certain you find one which matches your preferences.

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