Imagine if he scored 13/20. Well, he def programs a lot of issues.

Imagine if he scored 13/20. Well, he def programs a lot of issues.

We have told him he does 13 out of the 20 parts that he is controlling and after reading this. Should we make him look at this or just just what do I need to do? Many Many Thanks, E

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My ex had 15 of these characteristics. And some other behaviours that are bizarre aren’t listed. We’ve split up 3 times-the behavior CANNOT CHANGE they just hide it and back come right to it. End it turkey that is cold yours benefit. Regrettably our company is having an infant together. We worry the ongoing future of working with their lies and manipulation. They wear a mask and appearance therefore sincere and stable to other people. They’re not.

All the best. You shouldn’t be brainwashed. They cannot love you want they might state. Just understand that.

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Perhaps perhaps Not love after all

It took me personally a while, Becky, to understand that most “We love yous” had been simply BS. It is their means of manipulating me, therefore he is able to will have me personally. I also sabotaged myself sex he doesn’t get his bad mood back with him, so. Now, i recently don’t think it any longer, and it’s really therefore definitely better that thinking it. I assume i am finally free.

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I could connect

We wholeheartedly agree and certainly will relate genuinely to your remark. We sabotaged myself during sex him happy” too. It was soooo hard because my emotions weren’t in it with him to “keep. He constantly said I becamen’t showing sufficient love and that i did not care. Therefore anytime we was not showing love. You understand. Simply residing? He’d get therefore bothered and upset. If we was not keeping their turn in the vehicle, laying close to him regarding the sofa or keeping him while he or I happened to be doing one thing, he’d simply let me know i simply did not care. He thought that we was not loving him enough.

Funny because he did 20 away from 20 on that list. It had been insane! I becamen’t happy.

I would personally keep in touch with him about why, it did not matter. He constantly stated he had been pleased. But he previously a lot of complaints beside me, how CAN he be delighted? He ALWAYS wanted me around. Now I know this seems petty but he don’t like this I became losing sight of town to at least one of my close friends children party. DIdn’t like this my son would definitely be investing a hours that are few their dad for his birthday celebration. We have been over now. Therefore I’m free now.

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For the reason that situation at this time

Lisa, my present bf may be the clingiest guy we have actually ever been with. If I’m not constantly glued to their side, he’s asking me personally if i am nevertheless in deep love with him. He attempts to kiss me personally all the time- anywhere it really is or whatever i will be doing, also if We have meals in my own mouth and am wanting to ingest it, he desires us to research and return my kiss. What exactly if we aspirate on my food along the way? He’s constantly asking me the thing I’m reading, who we’m texting, the thing I’m doing. We can’t breath. It is like being caught under a blanket that is wet.

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I want somebody to talk to!! Laura, everything you’ve written could be the very same as the things I’m going right through.

I have recently simply switched 20 and I also’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 years. In the beginning was fine, bit then got actually iffy with whom we spend time with while the level of products we’d have within my very own household celebration. She made a decision to take to mess my relationship up with my mum and today they do not access it. We utilized to call home with my mum because she didn’t trust people I was hanging around with she always thought they were flirting as I was at college and my gf moved down, I ended up dropping out of college. I quickly relocated almost 150 miles far from my mum to my lovers home. Year i’ve been here since last. We constantly argue, constantly asking whom i am conversing with, states she really really really loves me great deal of the time inside the hour. Was once intimately active, but since being she, nothing sexual happens now with her i have put on weight and so has. Please somebody communicate with me personally

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